Abolition Continues-The People are the Ground Game


tenesha grant

Welcome to Audio Nuggets, right here in the cypher, we are honored to be joined by Tanesha Grant for Episode 22: Abolition Continues–The People are the Ground Game.

Tanesha Grant is a mother of three, grandmother of four and an impacted child of the family policing system from birth. Tanesha is the founder and Executive Director of two community based organizations, Parents Supporting Parents NY, and Moms United for Black Lives New York City.

You will experience Tanesha’s liberation throughout the episode, learning that she stands with other Black women, families, and her community. “When my community thrives, my family can thrive” is the mantra that Tanesha lives by. Tanesha takes the audience through the harms perpetuated to her and her family since 1976, and graces the audience with an analysis of the narratives and beliefs that are still present in 2023 that are destructive to Black families.

The episode deepens as Tanesha shares why community organizing is so important for collectivism and liberation. Tanesha shares that her inspiration is drawn from the Black Panther Party and Malcolm X, her ancestors, and expresses that organizing is about communities doing for self. Tanesha works with community based organizations that unapologetically support Black parents and families. They take it to the streets to bring resources to their community, advocate for justice, and Tanesha represents the voice of the community in all spaces.

The people are the ground game! To learn more about Parents Supporting Parents NY and Moms United for Black Lives New York City, you can visit them at Home | parents supporting parents nyc inc (pspnyinc.org) and follow them on Instagram at pspnyinc or on X at @pspnyinc.

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