To Be Invisible – A True Narrative


myah overstreet mining for gold interview

Welcome to the cypher, right here on Audio Nuggets! On Audio Nuggets we strive to bend the arc of non-linear modes through conversations that tug and pull from the best of who we are. We give ourselves rooted permission to tell a collective story of the principled struggle for liberation. We are filled with joy and honored to be joined by Myah Overstreet for Episode 35: To Be Invisible—A True Narrative.

Myah Overstreet is a filmmaker and journalist. Her area of focus is on the intersection of culture and racial inequities among marginalized communities. She is dedicated to amplifying bold, untold stories. Just two weeks ago, Myah’s documentary “To Be Invisible” was published on The New Yorker site. The film follows the journey of Alexis and Kelley as they demand the return of their children from the family policing system in North Carolina.

Shining light and love on Black women was always what Myah wanted to focus her work on. In this episode, we unpack Myah’s journey to using film and journalism to tell the true narrative of reproductive justice rights of Black women, and the policing of bodies–the story that is not talked about. Myah shares the evolution of the film, “To Be Invisible”, and how she joined with mothers and activists in the movement to abolish family policing to tell the story. Myah brings life and love to the film to magnify what’s been hidden. Every story that is told in this true narrative is getting us closer to a new world!





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