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to stay INFORMED about MFG!



to stay INFORMED about MFG!

What The People Say About MFG

Corey always authentically brings his wisdom and best self to interactions and shares powerfully and with kindness, candor, and generosity.

- Teresa Rafael
Children's Trust Fund Alliance

In times of drift - away from relationship, community, justice - Corey helps bring me back. When the work becomes 9-to-5, and the pull of completing projects, hosting webinars, developing trainings, etc., begins to disconnect from the purpose, Corey helps me reconnect and get back on course.

- Katie Miller
Alia Innovations

I value the authenticity and driven passion of the meaning of MFG and the Man behind MFG!

- Parent Leader / Lived Expert | The Extra Mile Resource Center Region IV

I have experienced a wide range of trainers and programs around diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion over the past several decades. Mining For Gold brings a fresh experience that is thoughtful, genuine, truthful, and ultimately very powerful.

- CEO, President | Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth

Corey's commitment to authenticity, truth-telling, community engagement, and partnership is crucial to moving anti-racist practice forward in child welfare systems. He leads by cultivating community leaders.

- Kristen Pisani-Jacques
National Association of Counsel for Children

Corey keeps us honest and doesn't shy away from the difficult conversations. He understands the difficultly of the racial justice work. What struck me the most was his staunch commitment to do this work because it is needed and refused to make money off the suffering of others.

- Margo Fudge
San Diego County Child Welfare Services

Corey has challenged me to look at the child welfare system from a different lens. I've been in Florida's child welfare system for over twenty years and never thought to research and educate myself on the origins of our system. Corey so eloquently states that "history has more to do with the present than the past." This has stuck with me and has challenged me to learn. The sad reality is that our system was not designed with brown and black children in mind.

- Genet Stewart
Eckerd Connects Hillsborough County

I value Corey’s transparency and truly being authentic with each person he works with. Also, his full support.

- Parent Leader / Lived Expert
Family Engagement Advocacy Council

The mentorship and guidance in working towards race equity in a large system is valued, and the accessibility of Mr. Best when needed for guidance and for technical assistance.

- Dr. Joy McClellan
Florida Atlantic University

The extent to Corey's knowledge about the history of racism and his ability to communicate complex historical and contemporary challenges is what I value in the partnership... also, he has a gift of really getting partners to get underneath behaviors and beliefs.

- Karen Jointer Bryant
South Carolina Department of Social Services

Change occurs when seeking to achieve progress. I’ve never walked away from an interaction with Corey that doesn't cause me to pause and rethink either my method, action, or lack thereof. I am constantly challenged in some way, seeking personal and or systemic improvement. Corey promotes pathway for doing and being better to each other and being a part of the change.

- Parent Leader / Lived Expert
Children's Home Society of Washington

I value Corey's ability to engage in deep, meaningful, and authentic conversation. He asks the questions that are both uncomfortable and necessary to achieve the level of vulnerability required to motivate lasting change. Corey provides support that is concrete and backed by best practices. He can help individuals reflect and chart a course for future action that is steeped in well-being, promotes authentic family engagement, and builds connection within communities.

- Missy Berglund
Illuminate Colorado

Corey and MFG always help me see new perspectives, new ways of thinking, and how to immediately integrate that back into my everyday work. Conversations with Corey always leave me thinking more deeply about how we do this work with intention and truly think outside of the box.

- Elliot Orrin Hinkle
Unicorn Solutions, LLC

When MFG came to our community about 4 years ago, Corey never wavered in his commitment of guidance, motivation, authenticity, but most of all, allowing us the opportunity to see where we wanted to move toward as a community, organizations, and individuals. Corey continues to navigate us in the process of constant reassessment in our Child Welfare and Racial Justice practices and truths. He is an accelerant in making us feel confident in our decisions to go the extra mile; it's never crowded there. Those commitments he made stand true to this day.

- Samantha Silver
Broward Healthy Start Coalition

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