Love and Liberation


Keshia Adeniyi-Dorsey

Welcome to Audio Nuggets, right here in the cypher, we are honored to be joined by Keshia Adeniyi-Dorsey for Episode 23: Love and Liberation.

Keshia has advocated and served as a family defender for thousands of families who have been ensnarled by family policing and the Civil Death Penalty, commonly known as TPR.  Keshia is a human being who enjoys spending time with her husband and beautiful baby girl.

In this episode, the audience is gifted with the humanness of an abolitionist. Keshia shares that her goal as a family defender is to value and protect sacred family bonds and lineage.  Keshia illustrates her love of Black families and that she gifts herself with liberation! She is true to self and acts in LOVE. And by glimpsing liberation, Keshia loves her Black people, and sees family’s full humanity.

The conversation deepens to touch on the time of the year that we have embarked on of gratitude and resolution, and Keshia is reminded that “where life is precious, life is precious.” Keshia shares that she gives herself extra love and makes sure to give others extra love. Our current family policing system where destruction and violence to Black families is happening, love is absent and can’t exist. We can live the impact that acts of love and compassion can have on practice.  Keshia leaves listeners with a question, “Is this system good enough for my own child?”

Until next time…the work of love is never done!





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