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judge aurora martinez jones

Welcome good listeners to another edition of Audio Nuggets, right here in the Mining For Gold cypher!  Get ready…you are about to experience an explosion of nuggets from the Honorable Judge Aurora Martinez Jones in Episode 20: Humanity is Amazing!

Judge Aurora Martinez Jones presides over the historical 126th District Court in Travis County, Texas, where she co-founded the Child Welfare Race Equity Collaborative (CWREC). Currently, Judge Martinez Jones is leading a community effort in a local pilot to Re-Imagine the Child Welfare system. 

Through this episode, listeners experience Your Honor’s embodiment of full humanity, justice and liberation, as she shares with us the ways in which she has supported parents through the most daunting times of their lives with justice-centered representation as an attorney and now as the presiding District Judge.

The conversation showcases how her “empathy faucet” is purpose driven for our children and families, and how she has devoted herself, given of herself, and has received and answered the call to caring for entire communities.

Your Honor leaves the audience with the most heartwarming story that embodies her soul, the story of an experience that changed her in ways that are still being written.  It is the story of literally walking in another’s shoes!  We are grateful to be in community and right relationship with Your Honor. Sit back and listen and absorb every morsel of gold!

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