A Look Within- Escaping Replacement Culture


cordelia cranshaw

Welcome back good listeners to another edition of Audio Nuggets.  We are excited to be joined in the rhythm of the cypher by Cordelia Cranshaw Skeete for Episode 19: A Look Within—Escaping Replacement Culture.

Cordelia Cranshaw Skeete is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, representing the District of Columbia. Despite the odds stacked against Cordelia as an adolescent, she guides others on their healing journey and believes that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Cordelia graces the audience with her liberated voice for abolition of the family policing system.  Cordelia shares her journey of how she came to find the ways she could use her experiences, knowledge, gifts and talents to make an impact for families who are harmed by the family policing system.

The conversation is a truth-telling experience; illuminating the lack of understanding by the family policing system’s workforce of the true depths of trauma and harm that is caused to families by the institution.  Fixing doesn’t work. Families aren’t broken. It’s time to look within and understand the need and desire to replace children’s families.

Cordelia shares her sense of belonging and liberation, her commitment to support others in finding their own belonging through a healing journey, and her deep love, respect, and admiration for her community of Black women. Coradelia leaves parents with the call to never give up. Hold onto hope. And she asks all others to take a good, long look in the mirror…it’s time for a look within.

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