Truth Telling is Justice Doing


Welcome to the Mining For Gold cypher for this explosive, special Black History Month 2023 edition of Audio Nuggets.  23 commemorates the 47th year that February is designated as Black History Month.  In honor, we gather in this sacred space for Episode 10: Truth-Telling Is Justice Doing.  And we are here to be guided by the truth.  

The cypher is graced with the ONE and ONLY Joyce McMillan, of JMACForFamilies. Joyce McMillan s a thought leader, advocate, activist, community organizer, and educator. Her life’s work is to build a net that works to ensure that our punitive, interconnected systems of oppression are extracted from human ecology. JMACforFamilies is widely known for their humanity. This humanity has shape-shifted the way we hold conversations about family policing. Her vision is felt through action. 

Joyce embodies justice, humanity and belonging in her life’s mission for abolition of the family policing system, educating the listeners that abolition is the removal of the parts of the system that are harmful, destructive, and creating outcomes that are horrific for Black families. Joyce’s body of work in relationship with her community and with parents recognizes power by ascribing power to those most impacted by government intrusion and surveillance. 

We invite you to sit back, open your heart and mind, and immerse yourself in the conversation. This episode is a tribute from MFG to all that are “justice-doing” alongside Joyce. And a deep appreciation for their ability to fearlessly organize to become a movement that is unstoppable and unmatched. MFG is honored to be in a right and accountable relationship with such fascinating humans. 





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to stay INFORMED about MFG!