Empathy is the Pathway to Healing


WELCOME TO AUDIO NUGGETS IN 2023. The Liberated Voice Exchange is a Mining For Gold cypher, where we are expressive, independent and a bit impatient as we struggle for even a taste of justice. The edges of society exist for protection for some, simultaneously evoking expression. Here is where you will find a symbiotic force; both the heaviness of the air to breathe and the light of freedom of liberation. The longing for connection ceases to exist, because we ARE the community.

Audio Nuggets ushers in ’23 with special guest, Ivory Bennett.
Through love, Ivory is reclaiming her voice and right to speak. Her right to full humanity. Her right to heal, practice empathy, and engage in the healing process for herself, so that she can then show up for the collective mission of justice as the throughline.

During this episode, Ivory and MFG revisit their partnership in writing the introduction to NACC’s 4th Edition Red Book, which ultimately was an opportunity to insight change on an individual level. MFG and Ivory hold a set of credentials that remarkably qualify them to critique, love, and stand for justice.

The conversation succeeds in deepening the frame, illustrating the connection that justice-centered practice is self-work first; relationship work first. It is only then that we can embark on a laboratory journey where empathy is the pathway to healing.





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