Defending Justice Against Family Policing


tehra coles

Welcome good listeners to Audio Nuggets, right here in the Mining For Gold cypher. We are joined with Tehra Coles for Episode 21: Defending Justice Against Family Policing.  

Tehra Coles is the Executive Director of the Center for Family Representation, a public defender office in New York City that represents parents in family policing cases in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. 

In this episode, we glimpse Tehra’s journey of discovery. With all the zeal at her command while advocating for families, she realizes that alone, she wouldn’t be able to bring justice to families. 

Using a legal and racial analysis, Tehra explains the necessity in using accurate language to describe what we are doing to families, why using the terminology “the family policing system” is justice doing, and how by using this language, families that are impacted by this vicious and violent institution can be affirmed by knowing that people are listening. 

Tehra shares the commitment of CFR to building a culture that is saturated with the leadership and voices of impacted families. The audience also hears why abolition is the only option, and how CFR and organizations like it are supporting the movement.

Sit back, embrace, and reflect. Tehra leaves us with a call to GET ON BOARD!





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